Las Vegas Shows and Attractions

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Las Vegas is filled with many tourist attractions and spectacular shows that lure millions of visitors yearly. Here is a preview of what to expect in Las Vegas.Bellagio Fountains is one of the most famous and beautiful scene, especially at night when it lights up to astound the audience. The water fountains rise majestically and in rhythm to the smoothing music in the background. The fountain is fronting the Bellagio Hotel.While in Bellagio, take a tour inside the Gallery of Fine Art. It houses many beautiful artworks that came from other museums. Others are private collections. It also features exhibits from some budding and renowned artists.Las Vegas holds a replica of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. This tower is one of the more interesting structures throughout the world. The replica is worth seeing especially if you haven’t been to Paris yet. There is a restaurant inside the tower if you want to grab a bite while being mesmerized by the romantic ambience of the place.The Las Vegas Space Flights is another popular attraction. It gives people a chance to experience life in outer space with zero gravity. They will get to see what it’s like to feel weightless. Get a chance to look at the amazing Boeing 727 up close. They will also demonstrate some effects of a real space flight, like flying smaller parabolas. These parabolas can form lunar gravity.You can go to the Mirage Hotel if you want to see how a volcano works during eruption. The hotel holds nightly shows of this, from 6PM to 11:30PM, in intervals of 15 minutes.While walking along the streets of Las Vegas, you may chance upon Fremont Street. It is one of the liveliest streets you will encounter in the city. It holds many free shows nightly that people just love to converge here for some impromptu party. Freemont has one of the biggest screens in the world to accommodate a big number of people watching their shows.Inside the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino is the Treasure Island Battleship Show. It is held daily from 4PM to 11:30PM, in intervals of 90 minutes.In the Golden Nugget Las Vegas Hotel, you will get a chance to see the largest golden nugget in the world! The hotel is located downtown. It is open 24 hours a day.
Largest Golden NuggetSpend sometime in the Liberace Museum also. For a minimal entrance fee, it will be a very educational experience.Of course, Las Vegas is best known for its casinos. Many people come to Las Vegas to gamble. If you are a beginner and would like to get a feel of gambling, Las Vegas Hilton offers free classes. They will teach you the basics of the game. A class will last for 30 minutes.Those who visit Las Vegas must not leave without seeing The Strip. It is the heart of the city, filled with many shows, activities and sights worth seeing. You can spend a few hours here without noticing the time pass by.Las Vegas is not only about gambling and beautiful sights, but also spells adventure. In this city you may have the guts to try parachuting at least once in your life. Don’t close your eyes to appreciate the beauty of the Sin city before you while you’re falling 10,000 feet in the air!Get a taste of Italy with the gondola ride. Gondolas are commonly seen in Venice, Italy. Visitors can tour the Grand Canal while their gondolas take them under bridges and passing by many cafes and other pretty sights. To complete the romantic ambience, someone will be serenading you during the ride.Afterwards, if you’re still feeling adventurous, experience the Big Shot ride at the Stratosphere. You will be taken straight up 160 feet in 2.5 seconds, then will be released at a speed of 45 mph or 4Gs of force. Then it will drop to 0Gs, and go up and down to return to the launch pad.Also try to visit The Imperial Palace. It holds a collection of the world’s biggest and greatest collections of old-fashioned, classic, muscle and one-of-a-kind cars.


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